Smiley FACE!!

I love smileys. Yep… I love drawing and painting them. I love doing them of frosted windows or wherever I can do one without doing damage. A few years ago I worked at the Dublin HQ of one of the larger tech companies. As is the way in the modern office… there are whiteboards and flip charts located all over.

If the inspiration hits you then you’re supposed to jot down your idea or draw a graph. Well, inspiration works in strange ways. I turned into the phantom smiley creator. I have to confess… my smileys caused a few raised eyebrows but I believe many more smiles. At one point I even had one of the office coordinators pay me a visit to ask if I’d help her solve the mystery of the appearance of the happy faces. Me? How on earth would I have a clue?? Just how??

PS – I’ve thrown in the two plaster masks I’ve spotted in my walks along Dublin streets… al la Cheri at WP – just for the craic!

PPS – Yes… they worked out that the smileys were my fun but it took a month or two…

PPPS – Even the full moon joins the fun!

PPPPS – SMILE!! Life’s good!

PPPPPS – True!!

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20 Responses to Smiley FACE!!

  1. RuthsArc says:

    You’e made me smile 🙂


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  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Na ek “The Mentalist” gekyk het sien ek nie meer smiley faces dieselfde nie…


  4. Rainee says:

    Great choices there :-). Love that you share your smiles with others!

    Liked by 1 person

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