The Southern Cross

I’ve been known to say I miss seeing the Southern Cross. Actually, it’s more a case of what is inferred by seeing the Southern Cross. Yes, I miss the wild, open spaces of southern Africa and all that is to be seen. I must do a lot more star trail photography and what would be better than to do that under the Milky Way as seen from a camp fire somewhere in the Kalahari?

However… it’s not always possible to live our dreams so… with a little imagination and just a touch of Lady Serendipity’s magic I can see the great constellation right here in our Irish garden. Who would’ve thought it possible to see the cross so far north? I bet, soon there’ll be folk claiming to have seen the North Star down south in a Cape Town garden… quite possible I suppose. After all, dandelions are common there as well!

A rare sighting... the southern cross as seen from Co Kildare, Ireland...

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12 Responses to The Southern Cross

  1. RuthsArc says:

    Nice link, the image and memories that these particular flowers inspired.

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  2. Susan Scott says:

    Your own southern cross … gorgeous!


  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    I’ve been reading up about auras – not something that I have any particular knowledge of, but a friend of mine is very “into auras” at the moment. This bright yellow for instance, she would attach to those people who are usually more optimistic and easy going, and enjoy creativity and how it relates to others. I, being more prosaic of nature, just think of it as a happy colour. Great pic.


    • aj vosse says:

      Geel is goed!! Dis my storie en ek bly daarby!! I’m not much into those kinds of things either… let’s hope your friend has me right with the yellow summation! I think you may be red… whatever that may mean… 😈

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  4. mukhamani says:

    They are so beautiful and yes, we can imagine and be wherever we want to be:)


  5. de Wets Wild says:

    Ai AJ, lyk my jy verlang woes jong!


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