Pensive Moon!

Imagine… sitting alone. Sitting alone on a deserted beach. What thoughts would go through your head? Care to share??

Pensive moon... beach reflections at Greystones, Co Wicklow

Happy Monday… may as many good things happen for you this week that I hope are going to happen for me!


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19 Responses to Pensive Moon!

  1. Galen911 says:

    I’d wonder where all that water came from! Here in the desert we have miles and miles of sand which would make a great beach… but not water!



  2. Ah, this photo makes me want to jump in my car and drive to Cape Cod (part of Massachusetts, USA). My wife and I spend time there most years. There are endless beaches and expansive areas where you can find solitude.

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  3. Srivi says:

    Wow! That’s such a lovely picture!
    I really wish I am able to take some time off and just sit alone on the beach. Regarding the thoughts, I guess I would be analyzing why things are the way they are and how and what I can do to correct it 🙂


  4. I was alone, well the GF and I were alone on a beach yesterday. We were wondering how we got so lost!!

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  5. RuthsArc says:

    Wonderful photo. The beach is a great place to sort thoughts and clear the mind. Wishing you a good week too.

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  6. Geen gedagtes nie – net om in die oomblik te wees…

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  7. de Wets Wild says:

    Ek verlang gewoonlik na afgestorwe geliefdes wanneer ek so alleen op die strand gaan sit…

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  8. I love to pick up shells, the air always makes me feel better and the feeling of wet sand between my toes…priceless moments.

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