Tuesday’s Travel Tip

Grab your bags… we’re going on a holiday. The only problem… where do we go? No… that’s not the only problem. Maybe we need to consider more sturdy luggage, won’t you say?

Choices, choices and more choices... where shall we go?

PS – Yes… I know the focus is slightly off but sorry, I couldn’t resist!

PPS – I wouldn’t mind a month or two in each of those destinations… black bags and all!

PPPS – Could wedding/ honeymoon be classed as a destination or beginning of the journey?

PPPPS – Who cares… I need a holiday, that’s all I know!

PPPPPS – Yes, you’re correct… the young one was taking the trash to the bins located in the alley beside the building


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3 Responses to Tuesday’s Travel Tip

  1. Toortsie says:

    Hoop nie die Trash is waar al daai pyle heen wys nie! 🙂


  2. Srivi says:

    Ah! Same here. I would enjoy spending more than few months in each of those destinations 😀
    Weddings are surely a beginning of a journey but how it turns out nobody can guarantee it 😉


  3. I’ve never travelled with only plastic bags but I always try to travel as light as possible. When checking in our bags for a holiday to Jamaica the clerk commented that he’d never checked in bags as light as ours for that destination – they were under twelve kilos.
    (Wedding/honeymoon – definitely to be classed as the beginning of a journey…!)

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


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