Feather Bed!

On occasion you get a few photos you really weren’t expecting. I spotted my first blue damselflies of the season and stationed myself next to the pond, waiting in vain. Then, as things go… you get side tracked by other activities. That’s when I spotted the pond skater darting toward the feather.  So… there I had a new target to concentrate on…

Pond skater rests on an impromptu feather bed!


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9 Responses to Feather Bed!

  1. Great shot! Insects can be so challenging to photograph – and this has whetted my appetite to resurrect my insect mini-series sometime soon. 🙂

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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    • aj vosse says:

      Now that you have a whetted appetite for insects I think you’ll have to share a few more tales about eating them… or not eating them! 😉


  2. Pragtige foto! Dit het my aan ‘n ou Nederlandse gedig herinner, ‘n vae eggo uit my studentedae: “Het Schrijverke” deur Guido Gezelle. Het dit gaan Google: hy beskryf die goggatjie as ‘n “krinklende winklende waterding” met ‘n swart mussie op, wat die heilige Name van God skryf, herskryf en nog steeds skryf.

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  3. Galen911 says:

    I think most of us could write a book about all those times we saw a great photo-op coming… so we got ready… got set… and waited… and waited… and it never happened. OR… we waited too long hoping for a little more perfect shot… and it never came. This is a good shot of a pond skater… we don’t see many of those around these parts…



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