Dublin Alphabet – R is for the Royal Canal

So… why have I chosen the Royal Canal? I mean… it’s not exclusively only restricted to Dublin. It begins on the River Liffey, not far from the Dublin Port, and winds its way across Leinster all the way to the River Shannon. A mere 140+ kilometres away. However, as it flows through Dublin it is used by thousands of locals for a variety of uses.

The Royal Canal begins at Spencer Dock and is linked to the Liffey and the sea via the restored and updated Sea Lock. The canal rises rather quickly up to the Sixth Lock and then a little more sedately up to the Twelfth Lock just after crossing the M50 Motorway.

The canal has an interesting history and after falling into disrepair in the middle 1900’s it was eventually restored and reopened in 2010. now boats can again navigate from the Liffey to the Shannon and beyond.

Most of the photos in the gallery are a few years old. I need to walk these sections again to update my records but just spending time along the canal can be inspirational. I have enjoyed many hours along the canal. I have met great people and witnessed special moments. If you want to see more and read more than do visit the RC Walks page… there I’ve documented all my walks.

Thanks to Joe T and all the other great folk who have taught me so much about the Royal Canal. I must say… whenever I do a post about the canal I can’t help but think of MF. Sadly he’s no longer with us but his memory lingers! Thanks Mick… your wisdom is sorely missed!

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3 Responses to Dublin Alphabet – R is for the Royal Canal

  1. RuthsArc says:

    Canal boats and the whole process of the locks are fascinating. Cool pics AJ.


  2. restlessjo says:

    I love canals wherever they wander. Wonderful collection of photos. 🙂
    How go the ‘moving plans’? Any luck, so far?


  3. Toortsie says:

    I like tje man on the bench.


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