Blue or Great Tips?

“Look oupa… there’s a blue tip!” 

“No child… it’s a great tip!”

A conversation held quite often, when the little lads visit. Somewhere along the way their innocent minds told them that the word tit couldn’t be used in open conversation so they renamed the great and blue tits. Yep… now we commonly refer to the little birds as tips. Makes you think… maybe one of them was reprimanded for using the slightly less savoury word for a mammary and now even the birds have come to symbolise trouble, if the incorrect terminology is used!

Blue (left) and great tit sharing the bird feeder...

You may ask, like the children, what the difference is. The bird on the left is the blue tip…


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7 Responses to Blue or Great Tips?

  1. Dis kosbaar dat jou kleinkinders jou “Oupa” noem. My kleinkinders wat nou ook daar in Ierland bly, onderskei op die manier tussen hulle twee oumas: hulle mammie se ma is “Granny” en ek is “Ouma” – dis nogal nuttig!


    • aj vosse says:

      Ja-nee… ek is oupa en oupa sal ek vrek! Meeste van die kleintjies praat van die braai… selfs al het hulle nog nooit ‘n voet in Afrika gesit het nie!
      Ja… dit help om die oumas te onderskei… my vrou is Nanny… die ander oumas is granny! (My dierbare dame weier dat hulle haar ouma noem! Sy’s Engels… en vol bollie!! Ek terg natuurlik en noem haar ouma!!) 😉

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