WoW Splash!

I fired away with the camera while GSK and Pepsi played ball. The first photo was slightly out of focus but you get the idea of the splash the ball makes when it impacts the water…

Pepsi chases the splash... no, the ball that made the splash!

Then… I hit the jackpot! I managed to get a closer shot of the next water splash! I wonder what caused that circle in the splash?

Splash detail... how was the ring made??


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25 Responses to WoW Splash!

  1. Christina B says:

    Definitely a WOW shot!

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  2. Pan says:

    I just eyeballed that little ring of a circle in the picture.. and I thought the wall of water was amazing.. That’s really bizarre ! Maybe you could visit a physics forum and post the pic with the question.. I’d love to know what caused that..

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  3. Pan says:

    Was it a soccer or basketball 😂 ?
    If it was just a small ball, then that circle of water has me confounded.. Great catch with the camera ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤


    • aj vosse says:

      Tennis ball… yes, it is a little baffling but it must have been a twig or something on the water’s surface that made the hole! 😉 Thanks!! 😀

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      • Pan says:

        Unless the ball was thrown straight to the water.. If it was I can imagine a wave pushing up.. but that “hole in the wall” is a real curiosity.. Great name for it 👍It goes with the ” sun dance – ing on the water and if Butch threw the ball 😂


  4. Another of nature’s mysteries…good capture!!

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  5. HesterLeyNel says:

    Dit is nou ‘n splash van formaat – dis sowaar wow!

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  6. My guess would be that a small piece of wood (or possibly something round like a floating seed) was on the water and propelled upwards when the ball hit the water casing the circle. But then then I am not a water physicist (or physicist period) and it remains an amazing photo

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  7. Susan Scott says:

    Omg – that circle is perfect 💿


  8. Kan dit ‘n waterfeetjie se werk wees? Dis so ‘n toweragtige mooi omgewing!

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  9. I wonder the same! What caused that circle? Strange one, isn’t it?

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