Opposites – Colour?

WordPress Ben sets demanding challenges. No… he actually sets fun challenges. You see… there you have it… demanding or fun? Opposites. Your interpretation is as accurate as mine… even if we’re going for total opposites!

At first I was gonna give you the opposites attract… or repel? I mean, how many of us claim we’re totally opposite to our partners? I do… and it’s the absolute truth. Yes, my good lady will agree fully. But… for this challenge, I think many have taken that route so why don’t I give you something simpler?

Sedate… opposite summer colours! Imagine if you’re a curtain or dress designer and you throw these shades together. The la-di-daa’s will most likely tell you your creations are just to garish for public viewing. Ma Nature… she manages to throw the hues together just perfectly… doesn’t she? Totally opposite to how we do things!

Ma Nature's opposites... colours, textures and shades... all perfectly harmonious!

Ma Nature’s opposites… colours, textures and shades… all perfectly harmonious!


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6 Responses to Opposites – Colour?

  1. RuthsArc says:

    Beautiful pic and colours.


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Pragtige foto!Ek kon ook nog nooit verstaan hoekom mens nie enige kleure bymekaar kan aantrek nie,want in die natuur werk dit tog goed.Dis seker weer die mens se manier om alles te probeer beheer!


  3. Beautiful photo.


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