Look Up – Beauty Hides

Yesterday I went about all afternoon with the camera… looking up, to see if I could find something fresh for this week’s challenge. I found a few interesting targets but as is so often the case… the very last set of photos delivered the best results.

We’d stopped in the underground parking at Senior Son’s apartment. Only one floor beneath ground level. We all hopped out for a leg stretch and at this point I noticed the big square opening in the roof. Look up… yes, the grid pattern of the vent and the building made for fun… especially with the blue sky backdrop…

Look up... you may find interesting shapes and colours above your head...

Then I noticed something else… yes, even in the urban landscape you can spot beauty… if you look up!

Yes... even in the city you'll see beauty when you look up!

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4 Responses to Look Up – Beauty Hides

  1. It’s all in the angle, isn’t it? Great shots, AJ.

    Susan at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Dis nou baie mooi,veral die laaste foto!


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  4. I like that second shot a lot.


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