Still Looking Up!

I’m really enjoying this week’s challenge. Yesterday’s fella lying on his belly looking up was liked by quite a few folk, even a few who called around here for the first time. Thanks again to you all. So… what happened when the fella rejoined his group for the photo shoot? This is what happened… the camera, propped up on the wallet. No, I didn’t Photoshop the green… here in Ireland that’s what you get when you mow the lawn often. GREEN!

The camera and wallet... left in the green world. Well, not left for long... I promise!

PS – I can think of a place or seven where that camera and wallet would’ve gone walk-about before the fella got his group photo!

PPS – the little black job so reminds me of the LBJ I owned when OMBH was born… the first year’s worth of photos were taken with that little beaut! Memories…

PPPS – Mind you… you have to mow the lawn often… it’s a symptom of the liquid Irish sunshine…

PPPPS – mowing and sore back fits in the same sentence… fortunately it’s not my lawn!

PPPPPS – OK I’ll go now… enjoy your day!

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5 Responses to Still Looking Up!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Haha,jy is reg oor die kamera en beursie…sulke goed los jy hier nie vir ‘n sekonde alleen nie!
    Lieflike groen gras…ek begeer dit!Tans is dit 34grade…middel winter!…hier in Swakopmund en natuurlik horingdroog!Dis ‘n natuurverskynsel wat jaarliks gebeur..sal daaroor blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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