Pond Details

Yesterday, we had a glorious summer’s day. Well, for most of the day. So, instead of me doing what I was supposed to be doing I went slinking around outside with the camera in hand, hunting details. Why not, I hear you ask… yes, why not… I hear me reply!

Dragonfly details...

The pond is always an attraction so… when a flittering butterfly lured me in that direction I followed. The butterfly kept going but I didn’t, instead… I concentrated on the butterfly’s distant cousins… just for the fun of it. However, I couldn’t make up my mind which photo to post so I gave you two…

Damselfly details... it's in the reflection as well!

PS – I’m not sure which details I enjoy most… the reflection or the actual??

PPS – Flittering… yes, I know I’ve twisted the English language, again… but I think you’ll agree… the word suits butterflies!

PPPS – let’s hope we have a bit more summer today… I like chasing flittering butterflies…

PPPPS – and flittering dragonflies…

PPPPPS – and flittering damselflies… especially when they fly united!

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11 Responses to Pond Details

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    There’s that word again – damselflies – my brain insists on reading it as “damn selfies”. I love the reflections, and not only because I know (from reading horror stories), that ghosts do not cast shadows or reflect in mirrors. Haha. They are beauts.


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  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Die detail op die vlerkies is vlymskerp, AJ – pragtig gedoen!


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