Mr South Africa!

Yesterday, I took on the temporary yet rather enchanting title of Mr South Africa! OK… it’s not a bodybuilding or entrepreneur of the year title but I like it and will explain as I go along. Let me begin with a few photos that my good lady dug out of a box a few days ago. Yep, that’s the sorry remains of the helicopter of which I was flight engineer when we went into the sea.

Alo 620 is loaded onto the quay in Port Elizabeth harbour 11 Jan 1991

I share a few more photos here… when the chopper was still in fine flying form. So… you may wonder what a crashed helicopter has to do with my new title of Mr South Africa? Little or nothing or rather a lot, depending on how you view what’s going on in my head. OK… I know you can’t do that so… as I mentioned earlier… I’ll explain as I go along.

Broken... yes, that's what it looked like after the crash... Alo 620, 11 Jan 1991

I’ve mentioned, to a few of my South African blogging friends, that there is much happening in our lives at the moment and I’m toying with the idea of doing a few posts about it.  So… if you look at the photos above and think that I survived that fateful day in 1991, then you’ll agree with me when I say seeing the photographs again has concentrated my focus just a tad.

Hidden Sunshine... bliss in sunny Portugal!

Now you’re really confused! How did that photo sneak into this post?  Long story but let’s just say a very friendly and knowledgeable gent contacted me after reading my interview on Expats Blog. We’ve been in contact for a few months and when I tell you that’s his house in Northern Portugal you’ll understand.

The gent in question goes by the name of Alec Taylor. He’s created a property website to sell that house and as they say in the classics… one thing led to another and now there are quite a few listings to admire on Hidden Sunshine. It’s a question of building relationships and as Alec likes to say… it’s a dating site… introducing sellers and buyers and hopefully some will fall in love… with the properties and lifestyle on offer!

So… before you shake your head again in confusion. I managed to get from a crashed chopper to a property website and the title of Mr South Africa because I’ve long had a dream of living in Portugal. I’ve also built a network of folk here in Ireland who may well want to live there too. Many folk would love the option of owning somewhere in the Hidden Sunshine. There are gems out there and that’s where this is all going. Alec has asked me to give it a go… to be the site’s Irish Mr South Africa… to see if I can be a fit and see if I can point a few folk to the site… and the potential of a stress free life along the less trodden paths of that beautiful area of the Iberian peninsula.

Do note: This is very much a temporary, trial period so you can all play your part to make this a positively permanent feature of this blog… do please spread the word! The better we build the network the more successful the options will become! To think… these first steps into cyber creativity could well lead to very tangible results… with your help! Thanks.

(The photos in the gallery are all from the Hidden Sunshine site. Do please visit the site to get a much better idea and also look at some of the videos Alec has produced!)

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3 Responses to Mr South Africa!

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Mag dit reg uitwerk vir julle.


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Ons hou duime vas!


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