Travel Tuesday – White Rhino’s in Ireland!

The other day… a 25 minute drive took us well over an hour. As is usually the case when one sits in a long queue that would move faster in reverse than going forward, boredom sets in. Boredom and mischief… well, there’s an old saying about the devil and idle fingers, isn’t there?

Almost miraculously… my long lens materialised. All safely, as my good lady usually does the driving when we’re together. I’d spotted a white rhino in Ireland… in the traffic and not in the zoo! Yes… life gets strange… and even stranger when you live in my head!

Yes... I spotted a white rhino... in Ireland!! ;-)

Just by the way… I’m not fond of zoos at all… so, I don’t have a clue if the Dublin Zoo actually has captured rhino’s of any kind. Maybe it’s better to see these road rhino’s… or, real ones on an African plain!

Promise… I only heard about this long after I’d prepared today’s post! I had to include a link to the newspaper article about a boy inside the rhino enclosure at the Dublin Zoo…

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7 Responses to Travel Tuesday – White Rhino’s in Ireland!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Pragtige blikrenoster!
    Die feit dat mense so vêr verwyderd van die natuur leef,laat hulle nie altyd die gevare besef nie.In die Krugerwildtuin is daar gereeld voorvalle waar mense sotlik optree en jy net jou kop kan skud vir hul onnoselheid.


  2. Mmmmmm ek hoop dit is ‘n melklorry en nie ‘n rioollorriy nie?


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    So renoster in die pad kan nogal die verkeer tot stilstand bring!

    Soos dit vir my lyk is daar nie veel wat enigiemand sal keer om oor daardie heinintjie by die dieretuin te klim nie. Dit verbaas my dat iemand dit nou eers sal probeer.


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