Travel Tuesday – Why Portugal?

Last Monday’s Mr South Africa post resulted in a few questions being asked of your’s truly. The most frequent one, as in the past when I’ve mentioned my desire to retire in Portugal, is usually,

Why Portugal?  

There are a few reasons but why don’t I begin with the most obvious answer first.

I’m Portuguese. 

Alvor bliss! The Algarve calls...

No… I’m South African but my lineage has s very strong connection with the land of the Rooster. So strong that my mother’s maiden name was Ferreira. Yes, I have Ferreira cousins back in SA. Before I continue… I’ll also remind you that I mentioned in the Mr South Africa post that I’ve long considered sharing what’s going on in our busy lives at the moment and how the past has influenced some of my thought processes.

Western Algarve boat trips...

Portugal has a specific attraction which didn’t take me long to realise when we first visited. As is the way with folk living in the northern latitudes… they all crave sun! Warmth, bright blue skies and sunshine… and sand and sea and sunshine! The SUN!! So… our first holiday after living in Ireland for more than five years was a two-week visit to the Algarve. I didn’t want to get back on the plane. OK, I hear you say… that’s the usual reaction when folk fly away on holiday but that feeling has always stayed when I return to Portugal.

Alvor beach... Algarve Portugal... utter bliss, now there's a way of de-stressing!!

Yes… I’ve been to other Southern European countries but my desire always returns to Portugal. I’ve attempted to buy into business there on a few different occasions… the last attempt not much more that three months ago! Therefore, I have to think there’s some spiritual pull… some core genetic draw. I can’t think of any other excuse so I’ll stick with that one.

Cape St. Vincent Cape St. Vincent... long thought to be the end of the world... western Algarve

When I tell you that the plaque at the Diaz Cross erected at Cape St Vincent carries three languages and I share that those three languages are Portuguese, English and Afrikaans then maybe the fact that one of my Ferreira forefathers was rumoured to have been a sea-captain who set sail from the general area of the Algarve then maybe you’ll understand why the draw to return is strong.

This is the life!! Portugal's Algarve... BLISS!!

That’s why Alec Taylor’s invitation to be part of Hidden Sunshine as the Irish Mr South Africa was so appealing! Maybe the romantic in me connects the opportunity of spreading the word of a safe, carefree Portuguese holiday house or retirement lifestyle is the link I need to inspire a new vision for our future.

Sunset in the Algarve... can't be beaten for tempting the Euros from our pockets!

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  1. Beautiful post and such beautiful pictures as always.


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