Writing is FUN!

Sorry to say, I missed a trick with both the fun and writing posts but as they say in the classics… rather late than never. What am I on about? Let me explain. I began blogging to promote my first (and to date only) novel. The novel still needs an editor, and an agent… and a publisher. So… that leads me to the theory that blogging is writing… and both are fun!

However… the light bulb moment didn’t arrive until I noticed a bit of an odd like to one of my old (and forgotten) pages. Thanks Marie for calling around to the blog in the wee hours of the Irish darkness. She’s liked a few recent posts but also the old Short Stuff page. To be honest… it left me with a bit of a head scratch moment. Short Stuff? Yep… look at the page bar below the header… you’ll find it there… along with the Short Story page.

The reminder? That this blog began as a vehicle to promote my writing. Blogging and writing are fun. End of story!

The gallery? Words… ideas… blogging, writing… fun. Ideas… quirky, strange? Quaint… inspiration… creative… writing! FUN.

I’m reminded of a Hemingway quote

“Writing is easy… just sit at the typewriter and bleed!”

OH… by the way, if you feel like visiting the two pages, do let me know what you think. If all goes well I may even add more content. Thanks…

Also… one day I hope an agent or publisher will want to have a chat. Until then, I’ll continue with my short stories… maybe one dark night I pluck up the energy to finish off the second novel… more fun!

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7 Responses to Writing is FUN!

  1. dimlamp says:

    That no barking sign is an impressive and, I think, unique find. Well done!


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  3. nice2beme says:

    Intersting and funny! I can agree that sometimes writing is really funny, it depends on the mood)


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  5. AJ jy kan jou boek last Tuesday publiseer…


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