Mindful Monday…

Yes… actually I’m more worn out than mindful but that sounds rather negative and doesn’t fit well with the title. So, I’ll stick with being mindful today. Why would I be worn out? Easy… my good lady arrived back from her child minding stint in Spain in the wee hours of Friday morning. We eventually made it home from the airport at around half one. Needless to say… we didn’t go straight to bed.

Then, later that day, we went down to Arklow to take two of the tour party home. Another late night. Saturday and Sunday turned quite hectic because trying to catch up with housework and homework took me most of the weekend. Yes… homework. I’m halfway through module one of a three-part certificate course and the weekly assignments are due in before Monday mornings.

Fun! Oh… there we go again. Fun! Between all of these activities and the fun of writing blog posts for the weekend I have worn myself out! But… that’s negative so I’ll just insist that I’m being mindful on this Monday!

Arklow sunset... special! 12 August 2016

PS – Just to prove we were in Arklow on Friday evening… here is a sunset photo to verify we were there!

PPS – Happy Monday… may your week be as good as you wish it will be for your best friend!

PPPS – as for my blogging homework… I promise I’ll try to catch up in the week!

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5 Responses to Mindful Monday…

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  3. nice2beme says:

    Nice photo and such a true post. I wish you have more fun this week. Happy week!


  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Lekker week vir julle, AJ!


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