Weather – Spring Memories

I keeping with our weekly theme, I’ve decided to go to a happier time of the year. This must be about the only photo I took of bluebells this year. I recall the day… because I was sitting outside, at the braai. The coals were hotting up so while I waited for the correct temperature, before slapping on the bits of meat, I kept myself busy with the camera. This is a little corner of the garden that reminds of just how special spring can be here in Ireland… when the weather permits!

Bluebells in May! Is that supposed to mean a good summer ahead? Well, judging by the past summer... the answer is NO!!!


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2 Responses to Weather – Spring Memories

  1. Johan says:

    Ptragtig. The bluebells remind me of you innocent youth. I don’t know if you can remember Riana and Gerald Augustyn? Gerald played the saxophone in Church. One Sunday afternoon at our lunch table, Riana mentioned that she was a dancer and that she danced for the Bluebells Dance Academy. Hughie and I sat at the end of the table and heard her saying that she danced for the “Blue balls” Dance Academy. It became a big family joke and whenever I see bluebells, in my mind I picture “blue balls dancers”….. I got those from cycling hundreds of miles… 🙂


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Waar’s die feetjies? Of soek ons vir Leprechauns?


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