Cloud Nine?

I’m wondering… have you seen cloud nine before? Or… better still, have you been on cloud nine at some point in your life? Well, I wouldn’t want to venture an answer on any one of those two questions… as they say in the classics… ‘n stil bek is ‘n heel bek!

Lenticular clouds over the Dublin Hills, 06 Sep 2016, as seen from Phoenix Park!

PS – If you’re wondering… it equates roughly to… a quiet mouth is a whole mouth… whole as in not blattered to bits!

PPS – Taken overlooking Island Bridge in Dublin… Dublin Mountains in the distance. Yes, I know they’re not really mountains but hey, who really cares?


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4 Responses to Cloud Nine?

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Dis pragtig…lyk soos vlieënde pierings!


  2. Osyth says:

    Stunners ☁️☁️☁️


  3. I love clouds. Just something about them that make me go into a quiet thoughtful mood, it’s a good place, maybe like cloud nine.


  4. Impressive! Great colours! I was just remembering my trip to Dublin while chatting with another Dubliner about my post of that lovely city! What a coincidence!


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