Monday Blues – aka Gone Wrong… Gone Wrong… Gone WRONG!!!

Yes… I’m at a loss! Something drastic has gone wrong! I’m perturbed… to say the least! I noticed on Saturday afternoon, while doing my blogging homework, that something was amiss! Gone WRONG! What… I hear you ask? My web has been broken… my blogging web! I’m leaving comments on other blogger’s posts but these have all just vanished into thin air! Yes… I’ve revisited some of the blogs… the comments are not there!! Yet… some other comments on other blogs are there for all to see! Pray tell… WordPress… what have I done wrong??

Urgent UPDATE!! Please check your spam folders – Thanks Sallyann and de Wet’s Wild for the advice!!

Spider, spider in the web... who broke my web???

Oh well… I do hope these comments materialise at some point… because I put thought into my responses… and it takes time visiting, reading and interacting! So… if you see comments suddenly materialise en masse, please let me know things are fixed again!

A special mention to folk who have selected to follow OMBH in the last few weeks. I usually reciprocate and leave a thank you note! Only… it seems not even these comments are sticking! I will repeat… thanks for following OMBH!

Happy Monday… may some of your week’s targets and goals become a reality before Wednesday!

Thanks to the blogger who posted the spider photo… I can’t recall who you were so let’s say my photo is a tribute to the unknown spider poster!!

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20 Responses to Monday Blues – aka Gone Wrong… Gone Wrong… Gone WRONG!!!

  1. No, your comments are visible on my blog… unknown spider poster indeed! Humph!

    p.s. yours is rather fabulous too, by the way.


  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Ek het ook twee van jou kommentare uit my spam queue gaan haal. Jy was ook nie die enigste blogger wat daar beland het nie. Dit was die eerste keer dat dit gebeur het. So, WordPress, I want to make a point of declaring this blogger as a non-spammer. Do not ignore me. I am important!

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  3. livvy30 says:

    There you were in my spam folder. You’re un-spammed and approved now. Very odd altogether.

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  4. Osyth says:

    I disappear into Spam from time to time because I comment a lot. It is perhaps something we should collectively raise with WordPress given that conversing with other bloggers is the whole point ….

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Indeed you were featuring in my spam folder!! Not sure how that happened – as was another one of my favourite bloggers. Have now “unspanned” and “approved” you and will reply to comments in due course. Some of your older comments may have gone though as I think spam is automatically cleared out every five days??


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for fixing that!! Indeed, it was while I was going through your posts and commenting that I noticed something was not right! (I was using your blog as the guinea pig!) 😉

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  6. perdebytjie says:

    Ek sal in my spambox gaan kyk of jy dalk daar is.Soms gebeur snaakse goed.Internet is maar soos ‘n baba met winde!


  7. de Wets Wild says:

    Ek is bevrees AJ dat, soos Sallyann hierbo gese het, jou kommentaar van eergister ook in ons spamfolder beland het, maar hoekom weet ek nie. Gelukig het ek dit daar gesien en dit unspam, daarna het als weer normaal gewerk.


  8. Sallyann says:

    I had another blogging Buddy who had a similar problem a while ago. She had been away from the blogsphere for a while and so was catching up with some reading and commenting. It appeared she left too many comments in one go and the WordPress spam filter decided she was spamming. I don’t remember how she got it fixed, I do remember finding her in my spam box and once I’d clicked on the “nor spam” button her next comments came through as normal.
    Hope this helps. 😊

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks a million… yes, as soon as I woke and read your comment I added an update to warn other bloggers… a few have sorted out the spam issue on their side already!! I’m so happy a few of my blog buddies are night owls – or work when others are sleeping!! I wonder… shall I go make myself another coffee… I didn’t sleep too well either!! 😉

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