Friday Fact? The Liffey Flows Downhill!

Yes… I kid you not. Most of the time the river flows downhill, especially where these photos were taken. If you look closely you’ll see the water tumbling over the weir. If I’m not mistaken, this is the last weir on the river so, below here the river can potentially flow uphill, during storm spring tides! I reckon that’s why the weir was placed at this exact location.

Steady those blades ladies... steady... and push off. On Dublin's Liffet, just after the portage at the

And off they go… after re-floating the boat. Yes, they are going upstream and have just completed the portage of the weir. All a whole lot of fun in the name of entertainment and sport. Well, maybe if you’re young and haven’t quite worked out that there are better things to do in life… like becoming a Francophile and eating the great cheeses to be found in your own backyard. This is just what Osyth did for a living. Passion and oh well, more passion! Mind you… I’m still wondering if she’ll share her story about the connection with boats?

And away you go ladies... upstram against the flow of the mighty Liffey. To think, there were days when Guinness and Jameson were made using this water... before all that pee was distributed so freely!!

Guess what? It’s Friday again… may you have a great one and an even better weekend!

PS – Please still keep checking your spam boxes… yes, those virtual trash cans that you possess… I think WP are still chucking some of my bits in there… just for the fun!

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11 Responses to Friday Fact? The Liffey Flows Downhill!

  1. By coincidence I was watching rowers on the River Ilen in Skibbereen this afternoon… hoping to spot the O’Donovan brothers! 🙂

    Susan at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


  2. Osyth says:

    Patience …. I will share it, I promise. I loved this post – but you knew I’d be bewitched! And I heartily thank you for linking to my Cheese …. Most kind and heartily appreciated. In fact my perfect life pretty much consists of rowing and cheese …. And the two passions sprung from the same village in Berkshire 😉


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Ek was ook eens op n tyd heel goed met n kanoe…


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