Happy Monday – Third Time Lucky

I don’t know if you noticed the little slip I made while compiling yesterday’s gallery? I did and was about to rectify it when I thought…

“You know what? Let’s just leave it and see if the good folk out there spot the error of my ways…”

Yesterday, at some point, the thought dawned that I could turn the error to my benefit… by concocting a post to capitalise on the mistake. I mean… if a photo get’s into a gallery two days in a row you may forgive me for thinking it just may deserve a third time lucky post of its own. So… this must indeed be the most publicised bumblebee in history. Well, at least for this blog.

Happy spring bumblebee going about it's business...

Happy Monday… may your week be filled with joy and happiness!

PS – if you’re wondering when the photo first made it onto the blog… it seems it may have been 09 Dec 2015. Seems winter was getting to me at that stage… as it most often does!


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10 Responses to Happy Monday – Third Time Lucky

  1. stem saam met Hester dit is mooi terloops in my nuutste griffel skryf ek oor ‘n AJ maar darem nie jy nie…

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  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Dude!. Makisaki, mooi bly mooi en jy’s vergewe.

    Liked by 1 person

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