I’m now a-Twittering!

Yes… I have finally succumbed to the Twitter thing! Those who know me know I don’t get many of the social media platforms. I don’t get Facebook… I have an account but it drives me to distraction. I have a Flickr account… as you can see in the right widget bar. I have a Tumblr feed so all my OMBH posts go there too. I don’t get these platforms. To me… they’re just an annoying waste of time… well, most of the time.

The Twitter account, by the way… Senior Son opened for me in March 2013! Yes, more than 3.5 years ago. At that time there was a very specific reason. I was in the process of planning a charity walk so I wanted the option of placing live updates. Thanks to statins, the ol’ legs packed in so the walk never happened.

OK… now I have the thing activated again. Why, I don’t really know but this weekend I was messing around with a few ideas and a song popped into my head… the Rolling Stones, Mother’s Little Helper. That got me thinking… I wonder if they’ve ever done Pappa’s lil helper?? I searched high and low for an e-mail address but in the end I tweeted the question on their feed. Now I wonder… will I ever know the answer?

More tomatoes... and sundown photo snapping! Life? Fun? Who knows??

OK, ok… you can now follow my every move… on Twitter. Later in the month I may suggest another reason for activating the dormant account but for now… let’s just say it’s an experiment in real-time communication… real-time banging the drums!

PS – If you’re wondering about the photo… so am I! I passed it by and it said… you want real-time.. place me! So I obliged…

PPS – If you’re wondering… I so don’t get Twitter that I’m prone to call it twatter… so, maybe now I’ve taken to twattering!!! Take that as you may…

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7 Responses to I’m now a-Twittering!

  1. Osyth says:

    I found Twitter terribly tiring … perhaps down the line you can enlighten me as to a less taxing strategy and then I might dip my toe in again 🙂

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    • aj vosse says:

      I find most social media terribly tiring!
      In fact… I find “the book face” distressing and mostly a negative experience… with the amount of low class crudity/ utterly poor language/ below par photography and bullying being downright puke promoting.
      I think Twitter is showing itself as a toy for the ego stroking busybody types.
      Sorry I’m so crass… but, I’m already wondering… :/


  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Happy twittering – is that your own tomato??

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