The Happy Snapper’s Point and Shoot!

Imaging going off to the museum, just like we did yesterday… for a stroll around and to take a few snaps with your point and shoot. We found ourselves fascinated by the many things on show. Most of all, the evolving change in behaviour and cultural attitude was plain to see. There is a whole section dedicated to the Irish soldier in the last few hundred years. I commented that it seems you would find an Irishman in almost any campaign or army, anywhere on earth, on any side of the fight!

I will do a bit more on that in a later post but for now… how about I show you the handy little point and shoot the folk in the early 20th century has at their disposal when going to the museum for a bit of a look-see

Imagine strapping that around your neck for a few hour's walk-about and look-see...

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2 Responses to The Happy Snapper’s Point and Shoot!

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  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Kan net dink hoe seer my nek sou wees as ek daai masjien in die Wildtuin moes ronddra!

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