Ailsa’s post this week is once again perfectly timed. As the good lady says… life’s been far too serious as of late so, I’m going to copy her post almost to the tee… and give you a selection of folk playing… playing whatever they have at hand to be playing with… why don’t we begin with a bit of golf on a misty morning?

Getting into the swing of things? Why not? Better than playing the office political games!!

Then… my good lady wife having a ball… playing with the the grand kids!

GLW playing with the lads... all good clean fun!! The boathouse at Carton, neat Maynooth, Ireland

Or… how about Senior Son playing a bit of cricket?

NRV - doing what he loves best!!! Clattering a cricket ball to the fence... God Bless you - always!

Or… Junior Son playing hard at fishing… along our favourite Royal Canal…

Junior Son hard at work... where are we going to put all the fish when you're hogging the bucket!

However… Ailsa shows us a delightful photo of a bit of beach playing… so, as we’re now going to be living within walking distance of the beach… why not show you here we may be spending quite a bit of time…

They frolic on the Arklow beach...

Then… when we’re bored with idyllic and want to wander off to the big dirty smoke… we’ll go see the buskers playing on Grafton Street…

Cold Band, playing cold... haha, the lead man actually said something about being cold enough to go home after the next song... so, I kept walking...

Or a bit of rugby at the Aviva? SA getting a lesson from the Irish lads… say no more…

The signing of the Anthems... the Boks were still in the game at this stage! 08 Nov 2014, Aviva Stadium

Or me and Pepsi playing ball in the river…

Pepsi chases the splash... no, the ball that made the splash!

Phew… this is hard work… why not relax a little to catch the breath…

'Tis what the sun does in this green land!! ;-)

Or… if that’s a little too tame… why not throw yourself from a perfectly serviceable plane?

Free Fall Fun!! Some bucket lists don't include this kind of flying!! ;-)

Gosh… now I’m wrecked! I need something cold and wet to wash away the wariness!!

Time Out... Chill Out...

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11 Responses to Playing!

  1. Oh, I enjoyed this post, AJ. Hope you’re settling into your new home!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Jip, om te speel is harde werk. Jy moet so elke nou en dan tyd inruim om te rus.


  3. perdebytjie says:

    Heerlike prettige foto’s en so lekker humoristies beskryf,AJ!


  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Lyk na enorme pret, AJ!

    Is julle bokse al uitgepak?


  5. Elvin Garnett says:

    Where you moved to?


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