I often joke that the occupants of a small family saloon live in the thing that others describe as my head. Usually the modern family saloon seats at least four people comfortably but my cranium car often has one or two more crammed in. Tight squeeze but the driver is often a lady… and she likes balancing the books so she’s known to stop off and collect a few friends.

Anyway… I digress, or do I? At times I’m startled at just how easily the image changes from one persona to the next. Image or apparition? Fact or fiction? Who really cares? Let’s just say the transmogrify process is mostly painless… and harmless! It’s not a common occurrence for the mild-mannered folk to turn into evil, mean-spirited ghouls or banshees… even at this time of the year!

So, to the image for this challenge? We have just completed a move to the coast. A day or so ago I dragged my good lady down to the beach… yes, even in Ireland we can go down to the beach in the autumn. Maybe climate change is transmogrifying the Emerald Isle into a subtropical hot spot! OK… that’s a bit far-fetched so I’ll get back to the image I have in mind… my good lady on the beach… me wondering if she may transmogrify into a mermaid… and if she does… will she sing for me?

Down Arklow way... could my good lady transmogrify into a mermaid?

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16 Responses to Transmogrify?

  1. Sy het darem baie klere aan vir ‘n meermin?


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Lyk of die meermin baie koud kry!😄


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  4. Toortsie says:

    Enjoy your new home!


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