Relax a Little Longer!

Yes… I’m so at ease with the idea of a good ol’ relax that I’ll keep going with this week’s theme. Why not change tack and head down to the beach for a bit of fun and frolics? You’d have to agree… apart from eating a bit of sand once in a while… the beach is a place for a full-on relax!

They frolic on the Arklow beach...

PS – Ja… ek weet, daai wit Ierse bene soek meer sonskyn! Nogal ‘n skaars kommoditeit hier by ons! Maar, soos hulle sê daar ver onder in die Kaap…

So is die lewe, so is die lot… oogies vol trane, neusies vol… whatever!!

PPS – For my English speaking friends… I challenge you to a Mrs G-less translation! Have fun!

PPPS – If you’re wondering about the dirty smudge(s) – water drops on the lens… my excuse.

PPPPS – Cheer up… it’s almost midweek… soon the new weekly challenge will help me focus again!

PPPPPS – Mind you… maybe that trait has lapsed… for life!

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10 Responses to Relax a Little Longer!

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Dit lyk so lekker. Wens ek kan dit ook doen, MAAR ek het mos nou die griep en die neus vol … whatever. Nou staan ek maar met einste neus teen die glasdeur en staar na die blou water. Pepsi geniet haarself!

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  2. travel460 says:

    Jou opgewondenheid oor die lewe is aansteeklik…

    Liked by 1 person

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