Sunset Shimmer – Sunrise Shimmer!

Sometimes I think Ailsa is a mind reader. Her travel challenge this week gives me a great excuse to show you two photos taken about twelve hours apart. The first photo caught my eye when I uploaded the series. It was taken just after four in the afternoon. It’s one of those stop in the road… camera out the window, snap away and hope for the best. Hence the reflection shimmering off the car’s bonnet! If you look closely… you’ll see a hint of shimmer off the road surface as well.

The sunset shimmering off the car's bonnet. Taken near Arklow, Co Wicklow - 16h09, 16 Dec 20160

We were out early the next morning and were blessed with his splendour! This photo doesn’t quite do the scene justice. The sea shimmered pink! It was quite a sight! A sight for sore eyes, indeed!

Pink sea shimmer - 08h10, 17 Dec 2016 - just south of Wicklow Head, Co Wicklow

Happy Monday to you all! Just think… next week this time Christmas will have been locked into the memory banks… again!

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4 Responses to Sunset Shimmer – Sunrise Shimmer!

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  2. Khaya Ronkainen says:

    Very beautiful photos! It’s lovely to experience the glistening light in these dark winter days. May your week continue to glow all the way to Christmas. 🙂 Have a super one with your loved ones!


  3. iAMsafari says:

    Lovely shots AJ!


  4. Mick Talbot says:

    Sunrise, sunsets, the making and breaking o f the day, super photos!


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