Reversing Type 2 Diabetes?

OK, I’m a layman.

Some would say just because I admit that fact I must be an ignoramus. On the contrary, being a lay-person doesn’t mean I’m stupid or can’t investigate alternative sources of information. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not only the lay-folk who’ve been misled. I mean, why has obesity and T2D grown to epidemic proportion? Surely the un-lay-folk should have the answers for that?

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However, it seems to me, the pleb layman, that we, the great unwashed, have been subjected to skulduggery and indoctrination to the highest degree! (Please pardon the commas!)

Doctors are supposed to be educating us. Really? The health system is supposed to be on our side. Really? I’ve been fed platitudes and misinformation for almost 10 years. Yes, the health system prescribed tablets for blood sugar control and stern advice about my woeful lifestyle. But, for good measure, they threw in cholesterol lowering tablets… and blood pressure stuff as well, just because I became “at risk”.

I asked many questions yet not one doctor could or would explain the relationship between carbohydrates, insulin resistance and blood sugar. Not one ventured to risk suggesting that I could possibly reverse T2D and stay healthy without the need for tablets! Now, it seems to me, the professionals are too caught up in the dirty spiral of deceit the system is weaving around them. They’re so confused by their own pompous bull while their mass of patients is being led down the destructive path of self harm!

Imagine having to suggest to a long-term T2D patient that their foot has to be removed… when in fact you should have given them SIMPLE advice years earlier which would’ve prevented any such drastic, harmful action!

I’ve included another video. If only a doctor would’ve bothered to explain the issues in this manner to me ten years ago. Maybe I’m now wondering who should be labelled ignoramus, we the lay in need of professional help or the very folk who we trust with our lives?

I’m repeating my request… please share the information… together we can make a difference!

I want to be part of the groundswell… to eat better, to be well!!

PS – This is part two of a series. I have a bit more to prepare so part three should be ready next week. If you’ve missed part one then do click here.

PPS – Thanks for the support I’ve already received. It means much to me that together we can help others!

PPPS – I’m adding the posts to the Our Health page… hopefully you’ll be able to use the page as a ready reference in the future.

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8 Responses to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes?

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  3. Osyth says:

    I have a school friend who had his leg amputated just before Christmas. He is heartbreakingly positive about the fact that at 55 years old he will now live with a hoppity prosthesis for the rest of his life. He is Diabetic. He had what you call a ‘woeful’ lifestyle (he is in the wine business, a director of a large importer in England) but he is absolutely bright enough to have acted on the information he was given. My heart breaks that Diabetes has in my lifetime become the epidemic it is, that obesity has become epidemic and that those who have fallen foul are treated in some way as fools. I am loving this series – it’s about bluddy time someone started shouting!


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks so much for finding value!! Yes, we need to shout! I’m sure you’ll enjoy helping me share the truth!!
      I’ll be adding a BBC Panorama piece to one of the posts. Maddening and sad to think there’s a rather simple way of preventing many of the ills of T2D!!

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      • Osyth says:

        About two years ago and for reasons I can’t really explain, I started getting numbers of morbidly obese followers who were trying to get themselves fitter and slimmer some with the aid of surgery and without. The fact is that none of them will fully sat down one day and said ‘I know – I’ll get really really REALLY fat’ and there were numbers of very sad back stories but all of them either had or were borderline to T2D and all of them were realising too late what the implications of the condition are. We need to give the help early to prevent the onset and we need to really help and not sneer at those who have it. Obesity is not the only reason but it is a big one and modern unhealthy diet insidiously advertised to us all is to blame. Once snared, health services take the easiest route – take this pill and shut up. It incenses me. I’m happy to pick up my sword and shield and do battle alongside you!

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  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Daar moet ek opkom vir my diabetes-dokter. Sy doen als in haar vermoe om haar pasiente van tipe 2 te genees, selfs die wat al op insulien-behandling is.

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