Stop Spreading Hate!

I’m baffled. Why do the supposed liberal left intelligentsia keep stirring the cauldrons of vile? They remind me of God haters. They seem to think it is necessary to proclaim their message with as much venom and bile as possible. Reminds me of why I despise communism and socialism so strongly.

I’m amazed to see the levels of animosity and hatred being shown in the USA. I’m also amazed to see just how the left react to losing. They are acting like the typically spoilt brats they have become. Seems that they can’t accept they’ve been put in their place… seems they mostly need a lesson in acceptance and tolerance. Something, I’m afraid, history teaches us the left are not capable of! Nothing goes if it’s not done their way.

Why don’t they accept the process of democracy. Give the man and his government a chance. If they don’t bring change for the better, then you can vote them out… peacefully and with dignity, not like you are carrying on at this stage!

Beauty... to be found everywhere, when you look for it and drop your prejudices!

Beauty… to be found everywhere, when you look for it and drop your prejudices!

Oh well, it’s Monday again… do enjoy your week… remember, others are also entitled to an opinion, especially when they’ve earned the right to express that opinion!

OH, by the way… I’m getting a tad tired of everybody who thinks they’re somebody spreading a new tale about the new fellow. If you’d tried that about the previous fellow you’d soon have been told your discriminating!

Who’re our bleeding heart liberals going to blame the organised crime on this time…  the Russians again?

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2 Responses to Stop Spreading Hate!

  1. Osyth says:

    Oh hallelujah and pass the tambourine for me to shake vigorously and rousingly in salute of your post. I am tired. So tired of the liberal left behaving as a disgraceful mob. Decorum. Show me some decorum and speak gently and firmly and with conviction and I will hear you. But throw rocks and set things alight and I will pass you by for the taudry scum that you ape.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for commenting! I really think I’ve chipped a few folk off with this post!
      I am SO anti left it’s not funny! Mind you, I’m not right either, I’m a committed capitalist but hate what greed has done to western society!
      Unfortunately, the leftest liberal media have indoctrinated the general public and ingrained PC, it’s really becoming difficult to find core moral values anywhere!
      OK… enough! I pass on the tambourine! 😉

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