Windy Wednesday!

Yes, the weather gurus have predicted fierce winds! Gales and rain! Usually, when the gales rage the rain travels horizontally so who knows, we could have fierce fun! I’ll be doing a bit of grandfatherly duty today so maybe I can sneak down to the harbour wall to see if I can get a few big splash pics. But for now, I’ll continue showing you a few photos taken on Saturday…

The lookout post at Kilmichael Point, Co Wexford. Yes, the street artists have reached the great outdoors as well!

Seems the street artists have called around here as well. Somehow I think I like their work. Maybe not for long though! Also, here at Kilmichael Point are ruins of an old farmstead. The area has been declared an area of natural beauty and building is now forbidden. Pity… I could see myself living in this cottage, once it has been in receipt of lot of TLC!

Old farm ruins at Kilmichael Point! In the yonder distance you'll see the wind turbines on Crochan Mountain.

I dream… yes, I do!! Happy Feb First!! May your month be filled with joy, peace and happiness!!


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2 Responses to Windy Wednesday!

  1. The street art is complemented by it’s backdrop…mightn’t be so appealing on a less beautiful day though.


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Ai die lug is so mooi blou.Dis natuurlik die voordeel van baie reen…geen stof en skoon lug om in te asem!


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