On the way home I passed a traffic snarl. Fortunately it was happening on the other side of the motorway! There’s been quite a bit of action on that stretch of road this week. On Monday morning I just missed another incident that badly affected traffic on the way into town.

The storms bring havoc... Glen of the Downs, 02 Feb 2017

However… I had photography of another kind on my brain on the way home. Straight down to the breakwater for me! I parked side-on to the roaring wind and jumped into the passenger seat…

BIG splash, Arklow breakwater, 02 Feb 2017

In this way I could open a side window and be relatively sheltered while I snapped away!

BIG splash, Arklow breakwater, 02 Feb 2017 - sea spray and seagull!

Changing lenses… to get the spray and the gull… as if I knew they were going to fly by… in different directions…

BIG splash, Arklow breakwater, 02 Feb 2017

The swells kept rushing in… I kept watching! It was quite the experience!

BIG splash, Arklow breakwater, 02 Feb 2017

Exhilarating! Eventually it grew too dark but I took a few videos as well. I put one up on the dreaded FB so if you want a look-see then here you go…

Happy Friday!! May your tempests be mere ripples on the pond!

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4 Responses to SPLASH!!

  1. Powerful images, taken from a safe distance I hope 😉


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Sjoe,die weer is nie jou maat nie!Pragtige video…angswekkend!


  3. RuthsArc says:

    Nice captures, AJ.


  4. travel460 says:

    Ok, julle het rowwe weer. Ek dink nie ek kom vandag koffie drink nie.


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