Eat Yourself Healthy!

I’ve mentioned health problems and the need to look at how we throw stuff into our bodies without much consideration of the consequences. I began a series early in January… about my travels on the T2 Diabetes slippery slope. I’ve also mentioned my change of diet. I’ve been keeping a diary for more than a year relating to my gastric, and other issues. Here’s an extract from that diary… yesterday’s entry!

Here we are again. In Naas Hospital – for the last time. Yes, I’m here to get the results of the barium swallow. And, and this is the key, to inform the doctor that I’m well on the way to recovery. How so? Simple, the simple step of changing my diet to LCHF seems to have sorted my gastric problems as well.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I hear you say. How can you tell the doctor your diet has sorted the issues? Easy. Remember, this is the doctor who told me the medical system in Ireland I broken. Therefore, I’m sure he’ll appreciate my take on things!

OK… I’ll wait for his verdict… the laptop is messing again and just before I toss it out the window I’ll go away, but not before I have to add this bit. Just had my vitals done – BP 138/89… normal for a lad of my age, weight, wait for this one… 94.5 kgs, fully dressed! Now there’s a thing! I knew I’m lighter but that’s a whole SIX kgs down on where I seemed to stay for the last number of years! Yep, it was always a challenge, to remain below one ton!!

That diet I mentioned… it’s working!! OH, my blood sugar this morning was 7.5, on the high side of normal, you may say. Yes, but considering I don’t bother to take any medication during the weekend I’m rather chuffed! (I’ve stopped the medication on Saturdays and Sundays, as an experiment.)

The proof, they say, is in the pudding! The LCHF pudding!!

OK, so you’re waiting for the punchline… the doctor’s verdict? He agreed fully with my prediction. He’s discharged me from the clinic. He only had one proviso… that I’m welcome to return if the need should arise.

Those T2D numbers are great!! I'm striving to attain those regularly!

I’m fully confident that now I have control of my health I can speak with more assurance about the need for us all to consider what we eat! LCHF is the way to go! Begin with the basic principle of cutting out GPS. Yes, easy to remember. GPS. Grain, potato and sugar! Cut the carbs… you’ll be surprised by the great results! Today I want to leave you with another video. It’s a long one so be sure to have some free time. It will leave you wondering about how our health systems are allowed to condone the intake of carbohydrates!

If you’d like to keep track of these health related posts… I’m placing all the links on my Health page…

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  1. Elvin Garnett says:

    LCHF what is it???


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