The Photo Lies!

Yep, I kid you not! This photo shows nothing of just how wild it was out there! OK, I hear you ask, if it was that wild, why did you bother to go out?

Winter wet and wild! I promise, I was the only fool out on the beach! Clogga Beach, Arklow, Co Wicklow

Spring low tide, that’s the answer. Last month, I spotted something of interest that can only be seen at spring low tide so, this weekend, I planned to be down on the beach at the right time. The only problem… Ma Nature doesn’t care about our schedules. If you want to go have a look-see you have to put up with what she offers. So, I’ll leave it to you to judge if my foolhardy venture was worth the trouble… on one condition… that you believe me when I say the weather depicted in these photos is nowhere as wild as what it really was!

Only to be seen at spring low tide - the stumpy remains of a once proud boat? Clogga Beach, Arklow, Co Wicklow

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8 Responses to The Photo Lies!

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Ek glo jou heelhartig. Jy moet die geluid van die klap van die branders hoor en die gehuil van die wind soos ‘n bose gees wat verdwaal het om die wildheid regtig te waardeer.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Net so… ons is mal orr die wilde lawaai en storm see!! Mens voel lewendig as jy uit op die starnd is in daai weer! Net so lank dit droog bly! Ons is Sondag middig gepeper met fie hael korreltjies!! Lekker!! 😉

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      • HesterLeyNel says:

        Ons slaap in die nag met ons skuifdeure oop en is heelnag bewus van die golwe. Saterdagnag het ons die mees fantastiese dondersorm oor die see gesien, maar ek kan nie wys nie, want my kamera is ‘not up to the task’. Armoede is ‘n bliksem.

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  2. travel460 says:

    Is dit nog bitter koud by julle,A.J? En reën dit nou?


    • aj vosse says:

      Dis lekker hier!! Vandag was, soos die Engelsman sou sê… 3 degrees… real feel minus 5!! En… ons het loop fotos neem… op 4 plekke!! Wille see… reen, klein ys balletjies… nee, geen sneew nie!! LEKKER PRET!! 😉 (Kyk op my Twitter…)

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  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Is dit n skeepswrak, AJ?


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