Blog Hopping – Damyanti’s Daily (W)rite

Yesterday, I called around to Damyanti’s blog. I enjoy visiting there. For starters, Damyanti is the only blogger I know who lives in Singapore. Also, she twisted my arm to participate in last year’s April A to Z. I enjoyed her views on the interaction on social media.

Blogging is social media, is it not? Somehow though, blogging seem more dignified. Bloggers usually take their time to consider what they post and how they interact with other bloggers. Somehow, I mentally separate blogging from social media. Blogging is electronic diary keeping. To me, the pinnacle of social media has to be Facebook. Having said all of the above I’ll leave you with the comment I placed at Damyanti’s post…

I believe social media has empowered the coward!
The amount of hate and rotten filth circulated as “diverse opinion” is staggering! Mostly though, these haters use the relative anonymity of social media to spread their vile toxin… instead of spreading acceptance and tolerance!
We all breathe, therefore we’re all entitled to our bit of air!

Dtfbpf - Splash - the sea holds many answers... our passing by should cause a ripple... to no detriment of other!

The photo is random… this one is courtesy my good lady… when we were last at the beach, I toss the tone, she snaps! Happy!!

I think I’m going to do this feature for a week each month. If you like the idea why don’t you join in?

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6 Responses to Blog Hopping – Damyanti’s Daily (W)rite

  1. Hiya. Thanks for the shoutout to my blog. I enjoy your blog, and your visits to mine. I just feel we need a lot more love and tolerance, and maybe a few rules on the internet. Especially, name calling and profanity totally turns me off.


  2. Osyth says:

    Empowered the coward …. genius soundbite! It is probably best if I don’t share my views on Social Media except to say that the main issue is that everyone suddenly becomes an expert. I claim no expertise at anything and intend to keep it that way 😊

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    • aj vosse says:

      You’re oh so diplomatic! You’re also far too understated!! I’d say you know a bit about cheese… and France and the Thames… and rowing… and mothering… and writing! And… your bit is substantially more that many experts can claim! (The list can go on… )

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  3. travel460 says:

    Ons ry Donderdag bietjie Kruger Wildtuin toe, en met dié dat jy en ñ paar ander foto bloggers my so inspireer, kan ek nie wag om die kamera uit te ruk nie. Ek leer baie by jou, A.J, sit soms lank en staar na ñ foto, en probeer uitwerk hoe julle dink.☺

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    • aj vosse says:

      Ek dink julle moet vinnag na die de Wets se blog kyk!! Hy het so baie informasie oof die KNP!! Dankie weereens vir jou goeie woords!! Jy laat my bloos!
      By the way… soos die Engelsman sou kwytraak… I fly by the seat of the pants… ek sien, ek druk knoppie… 😉

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