Many will wonder about my take on this prompt. Surely a hideout is a place hidden far out of sight? Up along a lonely, twisting wooded lane… over the forgotten hill, around the bend and up the last part of the bouncy track to the door of a dilapidated shack. Yes… that’s a definite option but when time is tight and the season hasn’t warmed up yet there could be a perfect hideout right there in the open!

The good lady and I are beach nuts. A quick trip down to the closest beach at this time of the year will provide just the solitude any hideout has on offer. Furthermore… who wouldn’t want to have a bit of quiet time with their most favourite person on the planet in a great place? Yes… the hideout is where you can find the peace you’re after… right under the noses of others!

Our hideout... in plain sight!

By the way… like two kid, we were doing the pebble pick-up bit during yesterday’s beach patrol. A Pocket full of Pebbles… the idea for a short story arrived. Many writers will agree, inspiration is most often found in the hideout!

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3 Responses to Hideout!

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    I agree, an excellent hideout!


  2. agreed….inspiration is often found there….


  3. advocacine says:

    So true!!! I’ll be excited in all the hideout options you mentioned. But being with Nature is the best option!


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