A Good Match!

Yes… even a great match! This week Ben has given us a great challenge. A good match! Indeed… I can think of many. Old and new? Old wisdom and new ideas? Old photos of great parings… like good red wine and flame braaied steak!


Or… a new photo of the best match in my life… how else could I describe it? Love and companionship… passion and pleasure… hot and cold. Cold and cold… or… oh you get the drift!

The best match in my life!! Her good self and me on the beach on my birthday! FUN!!!

But then… being at the sea is always fun and it reminded me of another great match… blogging and music. They were made for each other so I’ll leave you with the song that, for me, fits this post!

PS – Spot the dirty, damp knees… me setting up the camera…

PPS – Be sure to know I can think of quite a few more good matches… so, be sure to know you’re going to get more!

PPPS – Butterflies and bees…

PPPPS – Fun and frolics…

PPPPPS – OK, I’ll go!

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14 Responses to A Good Match!

  1. Aha jy verras my elke keer


  2. Osyth says:

    I resisted frightening my public with a picture of the two of us but I’m delighted you chose to celebrate your perfect match and I loved the rest of the piece with the bonus from The Water Boys how could I not! Sláinte to you my friend!

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  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Pragtige foto van julle twee en die bootjie daar in die agtergrond verskaf die simboliek … die huweliksbootjie. Get it? Get it?


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  5. travel460 says:

    Kyk nou net hoe romanties kan jy wees.


  6. ardputerbaughaolcom says:

    This is the second week I have checked your site. First, I love your bird photos. Second, I enjoyed this post…made me smile.


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