RED… and Blue

Simple colour… fun!

Red plane... blue sky... if you should ever wonder why?

Tiny red plane... big blue sky...

if you should ever wonder why

people in the firmament will fly

when there’s a chance they'll die

alas, I’m sure I hear you sigh

as you slap palm to thigh

oh my, oh my… oh dear my!

Have you ever given it a try?

There’s no need to act all shy

as you fly in the blue sky high!!

About aj vosse

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9 Responses to RED… and Blue

  1. Osyth says:

    My brother (an airline Captain) got all the flying genes I might have had …. I just about tolerate the big birds because I have to at the moment but the day I can stop flying hither and thither I will celebrate …. that little bird so pretty up there red on blue and shining is my idea or fear on a plate. Like actual birds, I am so happy watching little planes but there is no way I will ever get in one – not unless my life depends on it or someone I love’s life depends on it (I put that last bit in as a caveat protector in case something should happen to force me)

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    • aj vosse says:

      I still miss the flying… especially chopper flying! I’m one of those who look up when a plane or chopper goes by! Planes are much safer than cars/ busses/ trains/ go-carts… you name it! 😛

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      • Osyth says:

        I know they are safer than almost any other form of transport …. including my two feet if I’m dans la lune as the expression is here – I think it’s a lack of control thing for me … I’m not much of a passenger with drivers I don’t know either. On trains I sit with my back to the engine which probably enables me to forget I’m being transported. Double weirdo, me as my children would tell you!!

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        • aj vosse says:

          Wha ha ha HA!! Lucky children!! Two Brains and Double Weirdo!! SWEET!! 😉
          PS – My children are proud of the fact that they have a strange father! They (almost) reached cult status among their friends because their pappy is disjointed… mentally, that is!? 😉

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          • Osyth says:

            My house was always full of other people’s kids which I am sure is testimony to the preference of the young to cleave to difference rather than dull conformity. All hail the odd!


  2. travel460 says:

    Goeie foto! En die gediggie? Joune?


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