Thank You Ladies!!

I was going to leave the woman behind but then I decided I first have to thank all of you good women out there! I had great fun with all your comments, thank you ladies! Yep, only the ladies interacted. I even got brave and replied to some comment while at work. A few folk must’ve wondered why the old fool in the corner was laughing aloud!

Anyway… just to prove I’m not a total MCP I will do another post totally dedicated to the ladies. Yes, I took all these photos… for the fun and for your amusement! No, I’m not looking to be confrontational… just looking to show you just how many weird and wonderful things you ladies get up to! OK… I’ll go now… before you poke another pin into that doll.

PS – Dolls… they have a feminine connotation… don’t they? Maybe in my case you must just find a tennis ball… mind you, I don’t do tennis. Aha… a rugby ball! OUCH!! I felt that!!

PPS – I left a few trick shots in there… just to see if you were taking notice…

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6 Responses to Thank You Ladies!!

  1. Osyth says:

    No prizes for guessing my favourite … the frog of course 😉


  2. travel460 says:

    Mmm. Jy ‘try jou luck’ nou behoorlik met ons, né A.J. Sit seker met ń ‘smile’ vir ons reaksies te wag…


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