Atop – an Extinct Volcano!

Let me begin with the ugly view. From below. Ever since moving to Arklow, late last year, I’ve wondered about the folk I see walking down that quarry road. Are they allowed? May one cross through the grounds of a working quarry? After digging around for information and speaking to a few folk we thought we’d go investigating. Mind you… it seems that weekends are the time to go scouting the area as the quarrying activities rest. So, last Saturday afternoon when the weather started lifting we set off up that hill.

If I say Ireland isn’t littered with alpine snow-capped mountains you’ll just have to believe me. However, Co Wicklow has a fair share of “mountains” and hills. This hill has been quarried for decades and if you ask me, almost every road surface or foundation in a 50 mile radius contains stone from here. Special stone. Yes… the stone is dug from this hill and it seems it’s because of the quality… to be expected when it’s been dug out of an extinct volcano!

OK… so, we reached the top… and looked back down the hill. The quarry’s scar isn’t as sightly as one would like but I promise… continuing up and over the hill, past the scar, is the reward that makes the walk worthwhile. Yes, the view of south Co Wicklow, north Co Wexford is stunning! Beauty from atop… just a stone’s throw away from the quarry scar!

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4 Responses to Atop – an Extinct Volcano!

  1. RuthsArc says:

    Beautiful views AJ.


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  3. Heyjude says:

    Well that view was well worth the hike up the hill – pretty ugly quarry though 😦


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