Luck of Four?

The luck of the Irish is a concept that’s renowned worldwide. However, how do you define luck? Based on finding a plant that’s decided to has four leaves instead of the usual three? I’m not too sure about basing my life’s philosophy on the deviant genetics of a plant, are you?

Therefore… I don’t believe in luck. Then, by association, I have to conclude that the Irish are just as likely to find a four-leafed plant as anyone else on the planet!

Lady Serendipity has on the odd occasion allowed me to spot four segmented stuff… like the mushroom above. I spotted the rare find in Ireland. Does that mean I’m lucky? Mind you… I’ve also spotted four-leafed clover in Ireland…

Then… one day I was out walking along, when I spotted something else of worth… more plant fun. There are four leaves there? Must be… four leaves even decorated in the ancient Irish tradition. Five leaves? I don’t know it that little one qualifies as a real leaf so I’m sticking by my story…

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