April A to Z: My Vinyl – CSNY – 4 Way Street

Do you remember when you first heard Teach Your Children? What are your thoughts when you hear the song now? If you’re anything like me you may reflect on the beauty of the song more than on the memory of when you’d first heard it. Somehow, they seemed to have written almost perfect songs back in the day. Almost perfect? Yes… the older I get the more I realise one man’s perfection is another man’s lunacy!

Anyhow… these lads left an indelible impression on millions of people, me being one! I know when I first heard Teach Your Children… and the rest of the double live LP’s. It became one of our staples… played at many a gathering and beach outing. More memories!

I’ve had difficulty finding good 4-Way Street clips so I’m using the best I find. This version of Teach Your Children has Tracey Chapman joining the lads. Not a bad addition to the harmonies. I’ve also decided to change tack ever so slightly… because I know I’m likely to have difficulty getting quality clips of specific LP’s I’ll include other snippets from other LP’s. In this case, I have to share a CS&N’s great! It has special meaning… and will remain a dream for me… to one day sleep under the Southern Cross, again!

There is much we can teach our children. I, for one, am fond of instilling a love for nature and the environment in our children and grandchildren! I mean… little beats having fun on the beach or in the woods with the darlings! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist a few photos…)

Tomorrow’s clue? A famous concert in Japan… and a Nobel Prize… I bet the answer is blowing…


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7 Responses to April A to Z: My Vinyl – CSNY – 4 Way Street

  1. travel460 says:

    Kyk nou net die pragtige kleinkinders! Julle is geseënd,A.J. Dankie vir die musiek wat jy so opsit, ek luister na ieder een.

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  2. Osyth says:

    I have no clue when I first heard that song …. it feels like it’s always been there but I do know that when the going was dark and harsh and tough as a single mum it was a song I could catch on the breeze that would somehow lift me and remind me that everything was going to be fine because what I was doing in raising decent humans really is the most matterful (stet – just made that word up) of things. And I love the picture of the ankle biters with the deer …. really a treasure that says it all to me


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