April A to Z – My Vinyl – Dylan for KING!!

I was going to eulogise about the great Budokan show but there’s just too much Dylan to only want to concentrate on that one show. (Anyway, many slated the show.) I’ve heard it said that you can go to one Dylan show and be utterly disappointed and then to the very next and you’ll be mesmerised and a devotee for life! I have yet to see the man live but I think that will change next month when he visits Dublin! So, where does one begin?

This first song is sure to take you back a week or two. Can you imagine seeing this show back in 1964? And to think… he’s still at it! Imagine sitting there and wondering where you’ll be in 2017. I’m also wondering… how many of today’s so-called musicians will still be remembered in twenty years time. Not to mention 50 years down the line. Talking of remembering… I’ve always asked that the following song be played at my final party! Yes, because I believe I live on in my children and their children and so on…

Most of all… I live in hope of my most favourite concert becoming a reality… yes, in my mind these two often sing together… and sing… and sing! Maybe it’s time I catch a wake up and grow up! Maybe not!

Sorry… couldn’t resist sharing the mini concert! Really, I don’t think you mind. So… just to confuse you a little more, or take you back to a pretty place where one can ponder the magic of inspiration blowing in the wind, I’ll throw in a reminder of a Dublin sunrise…

Tomorrow? Another of the great American super groups… yes, they made it back before the warm place cooled below zero!

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7 Responses to April A to Z – My Vinyl – Dylan for KING!!

  1. I wish I was a Dylon fan. I’ve tried. I’m sure I’m missing something. I’m going to have another listen, right now!

    Another day in Amble Bay


  2. Osyth says:

    Coffee’s made and I’m in for a mini-festival. Thank you. I have been a slavish devotee of Dylan since I was just turned 14. And even then I felt I’d missed out!

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    • aj vosse says:

      Enjoy!! I hope you’re not like me… once the first clip is done I just keep going!! You may need a few refills! 😉 Have FUN!! 😀

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    • aj vosse says:

      I’ve had to do a very quick edit there!! Only noticed that somehow I’d duplicated Mr Tambourine Man and not placed Forever Young!! Drat!! o_O

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      • Osyth says:

        My ex husband (he lives in Ireland perhaps you would knock on his door for me) took all my vinyl (including all my Dylan) and sold it at a car boot sale before he left. I have spent many many years trying to recollect it and afford to collect all the new albums he has produced since (1994) …. they are all on CD and I’ve told my daughters they will have to fight over them after I’m gone. My favourite track of all time (today because of course it changes with the wind) is ‘It ain’t you babe’ …

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        • aj vosse says:

          Maybe I should put on my best executioner’s gear and go find that man! I think I understood you correctly!! 🙂
          I have so many… depends on my mood and the amount of red stuff going around! 😉 And… the company! 😉 (When I was much younger it may have depended on how much hippy weed was in the offing!! A long, long time ago!!)

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