April A to Z – Magical Marley

Magic… remember the beach braais we had in the late seventies and early eighties? A new kind of music crept up on us… a new kind of consciousness… a new kind of awareness. That whole process was led by one visionary… one people’s prophet.

I’m the proud owner of a box set… containing every LP ever released by the Great Bob! I treasure that collection. I recall, when I bought it, I had to pay it off because my meagre pay wasn’t enough to allow for me to get it in one go! But… because it was a limited edition, I couldn’t get my hands on my treasure until I’d paid it off in full!

I also recall that playing No Woman at parties would get everyone on the dance floor! Yes, I often used the song to get the folks moving… especially if the atmosphere was a little subdued! So… here’s the perfect way to get your day going…

I think… if the sun shines today, I’ll go up to Arklow Rock and listen to a bit of Bob… just to chill out, if you know what I mean? No… I don’t partake in the Marley weed…

As for Monday’s post… now we’ve past half way, could N be for new? Or, no… or never? There’s a strong chance that it will be another live show… even one with a hint of protest. Energy… or the dangers of generating energy!

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4 Responses to April A to Z – Magical Marley

  1. I only wish I saw what you and many of my friends saw in Marley. I tried. I failed. N?

    Amble Bay’s May Fair


  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Yes, Weed Power! Oh sorry, I meant Marley Power. Tomorrow: New Order?


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