April A to Z – My Vinyl – Perfect Pink Floyd!

Today’s selection is so obvious that I didn’t even give you a clue yesterday. There can be only one band to fit the P bill. Only ONE! Pink Floyd. Yes… the mighty Floyd will do just fine for me for today. So… I’ll chuck two songs at you today… at least two!

I simply love the song! If I really have to choose my favourite song from The Wall it has to be Mother.

But… we can’t get stuck at The Wall. I mean… there were the Syd Barrett days… early days. However, who on this planet will admit to never hearing a song from The Dark Side of the Moon?

OK… if I’ve got you in the mood I’ll leave you with a great documentary. Be warned, you need to open a good red and find a quiet spot…

So… any guesses who we’ll feature tomorrow??? Questions, questions and more questions…

I wonder… what’s the good lady pointing to down there? Questions… more questions…

PS – Happy happy… The Special One!!


About aj vosse

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