April A to Z – My Vinyl – R for Rod… Rodriguez!!

If you’re a South African of a certain age you may really enjoy this post. If you’re not you may equally enjoy this post! Ever heard of Rodriguez? Yes? No? If no is your answer then I hope you’ll indulge my frivolity. If no… then keep going and you may understand why those who do know Rodriguez, love his music.

The seventies was some time to be a spotty faced teen… the hormones really drove a generation of madcap muso’s and their followers. In there somewhere was Rodriguez. He became a household name… an icon of cool. If you didn’t own at least one of his two LP’s you couldn’t hold a meaningful conversation. So… when the rumour began circulating that he was no longer with us we sighed and reflected with heavy hearts… all the while treasuring his music. But… one South African couldn’t live with the idea and went hunting… I’ll leave you to do your own research as I give you a great video for openers…

‘Tis Friday! Whooppee… so, let’s share a bag of fun! This live recording gives you two of his most memorable songs. Yep, I know he drops a clanger to begin with but hey, if we’re not perfect we can’t expect our icons to be perfect, can we?

I believe it’s a great story of discovery and rediscovery. Careful… you may get hooked… or your past passions may be rekindled!

Happy Friday… may you have all sorts of fun this weekend…

PS – S for?? Something to do with a beach bum? Now, that will be super!

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6 Responses to April A to Z – My Vinyl – R for Rod… Rodriguez!!

  1. RuthsArc says:

    Interesting. I don’t remember him from my UK youth, but my husband who grew up in Australia, does know him.


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Dit was bietjie lank na my tyd…knipoog!!


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Ja ne, n moerse storie gewees!


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