April A to Z – S is for SSSSS… SUPER!!

Super as in Supertramp! The pinnacle of beach bumming… becoming a super tramp! I was hardly breaking out with my first spot when a friend introduced us to Supertramp. It took me a while… I mean, how can you feed a kid adult food? But… boy, oh boy… by the time the double live Paris hit the scene I was a longtime convert!

How’s that for getting your Saturday going? Delectable! I hope you’re now in the mood to conquer the world! I usually am after hearing this classic! Have fun… play hard and work almost as hard! Love life… that’s how I feel after listening to Paris…

T for trouble? Treble? Tarantula? Or… T for a young lad’s name? Rock royalty opera? Your guess is almost as good as mine!!

PS – If you have the time this weekend or whenever… go find Paris… build a pot of brew… or, find a quiet picnic spot to share the music with the outdoors, pour a mug or glass of red… and enrich yourself!

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Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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2 Responses to April A to Z – S is for SSSSS… SUPER!!

  1. Listening to Fool’s Overture was the best 10 minutes of my day! Supertramp, superband!

    Amble Bay’s fabulous shops!


  2. RuthsArc says:

    Thanks for a fun soundtrack as I have caught up on blog reading this morning 🙂


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