Celebrate Life – NOT Politics!!

Happy May Day to you and yours! Happy celebration of life… not the idea of a political May Day. Those who know me know I abhor communism, socialism, labour and everything ever associated with the leftist ideology. No, I’m not on the right… I’m a confirmed capitalist, believing in applying the fundamental Biblical principles of fairness, equality, honesty and tolerance in business, work and life!

So… why would I celebrate May Day? I DON’T… but for today I would like to go on a wee rant! To prove my point, I’d like to ask if you appreciated my political view as introduction? Yep, most likely not. Why not? Because you don’t visit my blog to get opinionated, ideological sermons. You don’t visit this site to hear about my latest Brexit bash or Trumpism… do you? NO. I’d like to think you visit my blog because I’ve got a sense of humour and enjoy showing off my world.

OK, I hear you ask, so… what’s his point? Simple, I say. You DON’T visit my blog, or follow my blog because of my political views! Therefore… I will refrain from continuously bombarding you with my views, won’t I?

However, I follow a number of folk on Twitter… because they’re medical and/ or nutrition experts… they teach us, the lay-folk, how we can improve our health without believing what current conventional wisdom is trying to force upon us. Conventional wisdom, I’ll add, that’s paid for and backed by Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Soda.

So… if I can give my succinct lay advice…

… keep your political rhetoric away from your speciality… you may yet damage the great work you’re doing by pissing people off while trying to do exactly what the Big’s are doing… shoving their subjective shite down our throats!

We want to follow you because you’re helping us understand simple ways of living healthy lives, without much medication. Eating ourselves healthy. That works for us… not being subjected to your political or ideological opinion.

OK… rant over!

So… let’s celebrate life. To do so, I’m showing you a few photos of the beginning of something special. When I took these I didn’t have a clue what these folk were up to. In fact… these were some of the boats setting off from the Arklow Harbour to the start of the Celtic Challenge Race. The longest rowing race in the world! And, it began right here in lil ‘ol Arklow.

Happy Monday! If you’re having a bank holiday then double happy Monday!!

PS – I’m not protesting against free speech… all I’m asking is that you prioritise… stick to your speciality, use your podium for it’s intended purpose!

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4 Responses to Celebrate Life – NOT Politics!!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Hehe,jy het nou die podium onder my uitgepluk!Mooi foto’s.


  2. travel460 says:

    Jou fotos is weereens pragtig.


  3. Jy laat my glimlag!


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