In Danger??

I tell you what… I’m in danger of enjoying my blogging… again. I’ll explain.

Last month’s A to Eternity (almost) interfered with my contribution to the weekly photo challenge, but mostly… it took my freedom of choice away. I enjoy my blogging… occasionally getting a tad miffed, like on happy May Day Monday… but mostly, I post what arrives naturally.

So… you’d think I was in danger of not believing my eyes when I drove into town yesterday afternoon… and there… in the middle of our small Avoca River, we were blessed to see one of Arklow’s pride! Yep… this is one of a large fleet of Arklow Marine’s vessels… registered right here in our lil ol port! OK… you’d also be in danger of thinking I used photo trickery to sort out the sky… after all, this is Ireland and not Port Louis!

… what makes me happier than a few photos?? A gallery… that’s what! OK… I know I’m in danger of chipping you off so I’ll go on… enjoy your day!

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14 Responses to In Danger??

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Dis ‘n mooi skip..en mooi foto’s met die blou lug!


  3. Ek sien altyd uit na jou inskrywing


  4. Osyth says:

    Great interpretation … great picture 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Toortsie says:

    I love the colours! Mooiste foto’s


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