Strange Maze…

So… a few of you may have wondered about the state of my mind. Let’s just say there’s a maze of mess going about most of the time. I like that… maze of mess! Imagine… the fleeting ideas that lash around in the grey mists of the mental maze. Mind you… on occasion the maze isn’t that grey… psychedelic? Why not!? So… to begin… here’s the i-net definition of the word maze. Mmmmmm… you see where I’m coming from?

Sorry… I couldn’t resist! I had to let go… I had to allow my mind the simple pleasure of wandering in the wonder! Mind you… I was going to show you this photo today. Just because I like it! Mmmm… maybe I’m just as normal as what you expect to consider normal to be… but hey, who want’s to be normal?

Coincidentally… I happened upon the Arts Channel while I was constructing this post. Guess who amused me? I’ll do better… I’ll leave you with a cut from that classic of classics!

Saturday… find a quiet hour or two… and listen to the full LP!! Maze of magic! YES!!


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8 Responses to Strange Maze…

  1. Vivian Zems says:

    I had fun following the maze in your mind. Good post.

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  2. Osyth says:

    That picture is stunning! I never wonder about the state of other peoples minds … far too taxing for my own mazed mind!

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks you! Yes… the human mind… such a strange maze! 😉

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      • Osyth says:

        I recommend Richard Bentall’s books ‘Madness Explained’ and ‘Doctoring the Mind’ in which he postulates that we all exhibit all the things that are considered mental health issues …. we all have voices in our heads (paranoia) we all have periods when we are down (depression) and up (manic) we all exhibit compulsion and addiction (mostly harmless) and we can all obsess. It is a wonderful thing the mind. We are all mad.

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